The Park: "de Rijd"

There are 86 bungalows situated on the waterfront or in the park.
The water is approximately 250 meters by 180 meters wide and 4 meters deep and is connected to the marina and the canal.
And on the water are many activities: swimming, sailing, surfing etc.
The bungalows are located right on the water just some are not.
The bungalows who are located on the waterfront have a dock on the water.
Fish for your home is very popular but not more than 2 rods and not left unattended. (see also additional information on fish)
Feeding the waterfowl is not allowed so we keep bathing water at a good level.
Depending on the owner's consent may also be included dogs, while the outlets must be on a lead.
The droppings of the dog must be immediately removed by the owner.
In the immediate vicinity is a shopping site.
Most owners use the cottage for personal recreation only some of the houses can also be rented.
Our park is an oasis of calm and pleasure and pure nature.

The park is surrounded by a ring road. Through this ring all the houses are reacheble.
On this ring may only be driven with a limit of 15 km!
It is not allowed to park your car near the House, only when you are off-loading.
Parking in the grass is not allowed.
Your car must be parked at the Parking number 59 or 62

The environment.
The swimmingpool (100 m) is open in summer. Access is a few euros.
In the summer months in the city of Alkmaar on Friday the famous cheese market.
Schagen is known for its folk costume parade on Thursday.
Horn has its weekly market on Wednesday.
Bergen is a nice place by the sea and mountains is a beautiful beach with a large boulevard.
Schoorl is known for his climbing dune and beautiful trail through woods and dunes.
Callantsoog is a beautiful seaside village with a beautiful beach.
In Den Helder, you can take the boat for sea fishing.
Texel is a day worth to visit the island.
At 2 km distance is a beautiful golf course with challenging 18-hole Regthuys.